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I don't offer ready-made solutions. I show the way to the solution.

Only what has been developed by everyone will be accepted by everyone.

The first step

Understanding the task. As change always involves individuals, there can only be individual approaches to change management. First, I closely analyse the task at hand and discuss it with the client, then we decide together how we should go about finding a solution.

Mediation & conflict management

Enabling co-operation. There is hardly a situation that does not have its internal or external, smaller or larger conflicts. Only when these have been solved can there be mutual success. Through mediation, I help all parties involved to get talking to one another (again).

Intercultural cooperation

Developing strategies: It's more important than ever to ensure the cooperation of people from different cultures. But often companies have no clear strategy on how to do this. The aim of my work is to improve these and other facets of intercultural cooperation.

Executive & team coaching

Tapping the potential. Managers are crucial to any change process. With coaching, I support executives to reflect on their responsibility and their role for them to make the most of their position as leaders. Moreover, I provide individual support to managers, helping them get their bearings with regard to their personal situation.
Of course, teams can also benefit from coaching and improve their teamwork.

Coaching in the “Treppenviertel”. Often a couple of hours are enough time to organize one’s thoughts and gain new perspectives.
In my office in Blankenese, I see my clients for half a day of coaching or supervision. Undisturbed by daily business activities, we look at relevant topics and develop concrete next steps.


Reaching agreements: Unfortunately, the positive results of workshops are often left unimplemented. Nevertheless, workshops are – and always will be – an important method for developing collaborative solutions. My focus is on working together effectively in pursuit of a clear, predefined goal.

Keynote speaker

Successful events depend on an inspirational idea that sparks off an intensive discussion among the participants. As a guest speaker at your event, I would like to contribute to its success.
My focus is on the challenges that come with entrepreneurial change, on conflict resolution, and on questions of intercultural co-operation.

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Experience, analysis, and commitment.

They form my basis of a successful change management.

My career in a worldwide operating group means that I'm in a position to thoroughly understand the structures and processes that exist in my clients' companies.

Additionally, my academic involvement in intercultural research projects provides a sound theoretical basis for my practical work as a consultant.

I cooperate in a close network with consultants from America, Europe and Asia. That broad, international interaction gives the right experience and resources to handle any task.

What I do, I do from conviction. Supplemented by passion, understanding, and a sense of humour.

Work experience

Since 2008
Freelance management consultant

Since 2008
Visiting lecturer of intercultural business communication at Friedrich Schiller University in Jena and other universities

2001 to 2008
Management and leadership responsibility for People and Organisation Development, Management and Leadership Development as well as Change Management at Airbus in Bremen, Hamburg, Madrid, and Seville

Training and education

Dr Maren Lange; born in Aurich, Germany, 12 September 1971

Doctorate degree (Dr rer pol) based on intercultural research, Oldenburg and Santiago de Chile

Studies in economics, vocational and business education as well as German language and literature, Oldenburg and Singapore

Further qualification

International certified mediator, Akademie von Hertel, Hamburg

International certified supervisor for mediators, Akademie von Hertel, Hamburg

Training with Professor Dr Fritz Simon to become a systemic organisation consultant, Berlin

Training as an intercultural coach, Kinast & Vermeulen, Munich

Coaching programme “Leadership process consulting”, Gilla Haeckel, Hamburg

Training to become a certified consultant for the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®), OPP Institute, Oxford

Certified coach for PEP® based on Dr Michael Bohne, Hannover
Process and Embodiment focused Psychology


My working languages are German and English. I also speak Spanish.

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